Extractions in South Edmonton

A dental extraction may seem like a nerve-wracking procedure, but fear not! These operations can be simple and, when performed by our highly trained Dentists, will leave a patient feeling healthier and looking better.

What is a Dental Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure whereby a Dentist or Oral Surgeon removes a tooth from its socket in the bone. At Smiles on 34th, our Dentists are well trained for simple dental extractions whereby a visible tooth is removed from the mouth. During this process, a numbing agent will be used on the tooth and gum tissue at the affected area. The tooth is then loosened with an instrument called an elevator, and finally removed with forceps.

Preparations Before Visit

Before our Dentists can extract your problematic teeth, an initial examination will occur. This will involve taking X-rays to reveal the length, shape, and position of the tooth and surrounding bone. These X-rays will allow the Dentist to best determine how to remove your tooth, or if you need to be referred to an Oral Surgeon.

Post Procedure Dental Care

After your dental extraction, sterile gauze will be used to allow a clot to form. Ice packs are recommended to reduce minor swelling and pain at the affected area. Recommendations will be given by your Dentist on how to best keep the affected area sterile and safe post procedure. In most instances, patients will see a return to normal within 3 days.

At Smiles on 34th our doctors and professional staff are fully qualified and experienced to deal with all dental care problems and emergencies. If you’re concerned with a problematic tooth, or teeth, call or book online today for a consultation.