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General Family Dentistry in Edmonton

We are devoted to maintaining healthy teeth, gums, and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity and adjacent structures. Our dentists are scientists and clinicians dedicated to the highest standards of health through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases and conditions.

Our dentists are highly sophisticated health professionals who provide a wide range of care that contributes enormously to the quality of our patients’ day-to-day lives by preventing tooth decay, periodontal disease, malocclusion, and oral-facial anomalies. These and other oral disorders can cause significant pain, improper chewing or digestion, dry mouth, abnormal speech, and altered facial appearance.

We are active members of South Edmonton’s professional community. We participate in community events, support local charities, and would love to hear about and promote your community event or charity.

Our patients have lives and we understand that. Our clinic is modern and uses high technology to ensure a superior standard of care as well as deliver maximum convenience and customer satisfaction. We would love to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason.